Thursday, 15 March 2012

What Makes YOU Proud To Be Irish?

St Patrick's Day is just around the corner and I'm always amazed at the rush around the world to celebrate all things Irish.

Growing up in Northern Ireland in the 1980's, I never understood why people who didn't live here thought it was a great country. Bombs, army patrols and feeling like outsiders were all part of our lives here during The Troubles and left us somewhat embarrassed about our country.

These days though, we have much to be proud of! Belfast in particular has become a vibrant city, as our recent visitors will testify. We hosted the EMAs with Lady Gaga and Selena Gomez among the stars to grace the Odyssey Arena.

                                     Oh yeah, and we had a streaker!

Incidentally, the Odyssey is home to our own ice hockey team, The Belfast Giants, who have been in residence for the last decade and brought this fabulous sport to our doorstep :)

Our golfers have put us on the map recently too, with Rory McIroy as the current World Number One.

This year also sees the 100th Anniversary of the Titanic (the saying here is that an Irish man built the greatest ship in the world but an English man sank it!) With the highly anticipated opening of the Titanic exhibition centre already attracting millions of pounds in ticket pre-sales.

Of course, our magnificent scenery is a huge draw for tourists and film-makers alike and HBO's Game of Thrones cast and crew are a regular feature along our north coast.
                             One of these days my stalking will pay off!

So there you have it, I'm Irish, and finally proud.

What about you? Leave me a comment and tell me what it is connects you to the country or why you love it and I'll enter you into a draw for a copy of my novella, Pyramid of Passion.

Take part in the St. Patrick's Day Blog hop here  to win a stack of prizes, including Grand Prizes of a Kindle Fire/Nook Tablet and $90 Amazon/Barnes&Noble gift card.

And as an extra Paddy's Day present to you, here's a snippet of my next novella, In Her Element with Ana, my very own fiery Irish heroine. Pour yourself a pint and enjoy...

In Her Element Blurb

Ana Chapman is ready for a little excitement in her life. She gets more than she bargains for when she steps foot in the Blood Bar in Edinburgh to meet her writer friends. Spontaneous orgies and the supernatural are nothing compared to one ex-Fire Elemental, Zanaan, who stops at nothing to show her the time of her life.

In Her Element By Jorja Lovett

"You shouldn't be going through this alone." Zanaan whispered. "Relax and go with it."
"Go with what?" Ana asked as another wave of uncontrollable pleasure washed over her.
"That," he said, giving her a lopsided smirk. He bent down until his lips were almost touching hers. "This."
She held her breath; her heart pounded, knowing she was waiting for that final kiss. She was a slave to her arousal—the tightening of her nipples, the dampness between her legs—all awaiting his touch. Her eyes fluttered shut, but the kiss never came.

The warmth of his breath skimmed across her skin, into her ear and down her neck until Ana couldn't stand it anymore.

"Mmm." She bit her lip, attempting to stem the pressure building inside, but she was too far gone. Her legs quivered in the unsteady heels, and she flattened her hands against the wall to steady herself. All at once, her release came—fast, furious, and feeling fucking amazing.

"Well, that's a first."
At the sound of his deep voice in her ear, she fought her way back through the haze in her brain.
"What is?"
"I've never made a woman come without laying a finger on her." He stirred that tingling sensation all over again.
"You didn't—I didn't—I've never—" she said indignantly, then gave a frustrated grunt.

"Get out of my way!" Embarrassed and confused by her behavior, she shoved him in the chest and made her escape, the sound of his laughter ringing in her ears.

In Her Element, part of The Blood Bar Chronicles.
Coming Soon with Breathless Press.


  1. I had no idea it was 100 years since the Titanic sank. I researched it a lot in school but yeah it was a long time ago and I mainly did it because of the movie lol.

    Happy St. Pattys Day!


  2. I am 100% Irish :)

    Happy St. Patty's Day!

  3. Enjoy hearing about all the Irish folklore, afraid I don't have any Irish in me, but for one day, can pretend!
    Have a Happy St. Patrick's Day
    skpetal at hotmail dot com

  4. I have a bit of Irish on my dad's side.
    Happy St. Patricks Day.

  5. Hurray for all things Irish. I have a very long term friend, Patrick, who is from Cork.

  6. HOCKEY! I LOVE HOCKEY... then again I *AM* a canadian! lol! My mother's family is Irish and I proudly wear my Claddagh ring all year long. I also drink far too much green beer!

    So horray for all things Irish, and horray for being proud of being Irish! <3

    Angela S Stone

  7. music and folklore ^^

    thansk you a lot for this giveaway

    happy St Patrick's day


  8. I love the scenery and the accents...oh and of course the hubby who's Irish (last name Curran :D)

    Thanks for the chance to win.


  9. I'm not Irish and I can't say I love the country, but I've been there and the people and land were lovely.

  10. Have a happy St. Patrick's Day - green, rainbows, gold and all!


  11. happy St Pattys Day !

    May you find your pot of gold at the end of the Rainbow !!


  12. What I love about the Irish is their Celtic songs!
    Thanks for the great giveaway!!!
    Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  13. I love the myths and legends.
    Thanks for the chance to win and Happy ST. Patrick's Day!

  14. Happy St. Patrick's Day. I love anything that is lucky and for me it's about spending time with people I care about.


  15. I'm not Irish, but in High School I marched in the Jersey City St. Patrick's Day Parade. In my junior year, I was dating a through-&-through Irishman so that year was special. I felt like I was marching in "his" parade. That's my closest connection to being Irish.

    Erin Go Bragh!

    catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

  16. Honestly the only thing Irish about me is my name: Shannon. And the reason I have the name has nothing to do with Ireland nor the river there. But I certainly do get asked enough times if it does...

    Happy St. Patrick's Day!
    bas1chsemail at gmail dot com

  17. Thank you for joining the Blog Hop!

    Don't have any ancestors from Ireland. Just about everywhere else the Vikings went yes, but, not Ireland. LOL

    menina.iscrazy @

  18. Awesome contest!! My beer drinking abilities make me proud to be Irish? LOL!!I hope you have a great Saint Patty's Day!!

  19. I love the color green and lucky pot of gold

    dlatany at gmail dot com

  20. thanls for the hop and that for the st pat day
    going to celebrate my Sister bd

    desi the blonde a t msn dot com

  21. Wonderful giveaway!

  22. I love the beauty of the country, the ruins of the castles, the rich history and lets not forget the accent. I could listen to an Irish man talk for hours. *swoon*


  23. I know there is some Irish mixed in my families history, but with the mixture, all that makes me is confused, lol. I think there is a little of everything in my family heritage.
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  24. My mother swears I have some Irish in me but it can't be much. Other than that not a thing is Irish about me.

    mmafsmith at gmail dot com

  25. Thank you so much for participating in this hop!

    Gena Robertson

  26. Lots of Irish here. My husband's grandma was Kelly. Straight Irish. My great grandmother was a Jameson, disowned by marrying my grandfather.. Love my Irish roots.
    bournmelissa AT hotmail DOT com

  27. My husbands grandfather and grandmother came to America from Ireland. Happy St Patrick's Day.


  28. I believe I'm only a small part Irish. Thank you for the giveaway.
    Happy St. Patrick's Day.


  29. I'm 100% Polish -- but I do love Irish Whiskey & brogues are sexy as Hell!!

    elizabeth @ bookattict . com

  30. Honestly, Guiness makes me proud, lol.


  31. Im a mut. I have a bit of everything in me. :) Thanks for sharing and for the giveaway! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  32. Great excerpt.

    I am not Irish, but I love green so it works for me.

    bacchus76 at myself dot com

  33. Happy St. Patrick's Day! I'm sorry, what was the question? I was distracted by Drago (aka - Jason Mamoa)!!! Sorry, I do not really celebrate, but my best friend is half Irish. I would do something with her, but she lives in another state. Thank you for the giveaway and HOP!

    trb0917 at gmail dot com

  34. Thanks for joining in the fun everyone :)
    In honour of the Belfast Giants winning the Elite League last night and for her enthusiasm, I have chosen Jackie as my winner. A copy of Pyramid of Passion will be winging its way to you soon.

    Happy St. Patrick's Day xx