Friday, 20 April 2012

Release Day!

Last weekend I spent a lovely couple of days in Scotland with the ladies of my crit group. Needless to say there was copious amounts of wine, food and of course sex talk!

The fun continued even after I returned home, as Monday heralded the release of my contemporary romance, Into the Wild, which was the first manuscript the ladies ever helped me with.

Today also sees the release of the long awaited Blood Bar Chronicles - a series of paranormal stories by our crit group. Book one: The Alphas, contains my story, In her Element.


"You shouldn't be going through this alone." Zanaan whispered. "Relax and go with it."
"Go with what?" Ana asked as another wave of uncontrollable pleasure washed over her.
"That," he said, giving her a lopsided smirk. He bent down until his lips were almost touching hers. "This."
She held her breath; her heart pounded, knowing she was waiting for that final kiss. She was a slave to her arousal—the tightening of her nipples, the dampness between her legs—all awaiting his touch. Her eyes fluttered shut, but the kiss never came.

The warmth of his breath skimmed across her skin, into her ear and down her neck until Ana couldn't stand it anymore.

"Mmm." She bit her lip, attempting to stem the pressure building inside, but she was too far gone. Her legs quivered in the unsteady heels, and she flattened her hands against the wall to steady herself. All at once, her release came—fast, furious, and feeling fucking amazing.

"Well, that's a first."
At the sound of his deep voice in her ear, she fought her way back through the haze in her brain. "What is?"
"I've never made a woman come without laying a finger on her." He stirred that tingling sensation all over again.
"You didn't—I didn't—I've never—" she said indignantly, then gave a frustrated grunt. "Get out of my way!" Embarrassed and confused by her behavior, she shoved him in the chest and made her escape, the sound of his laughter ringing in her ears.

You want more? I'm doing a blog hop with the other authors in this book: Cherie Nicholls, Doris O'Connor and Arya Gray. Just leave a comment on our blogs to be in with a chance to win a copy of The Blood Bar Chronicles Book One: The Alphas. 

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  1. It WAS a great weekend and THIS is a great story in a great book. ( all very great really lol)
    Congratulations! it is brilliant.

  2. YAY!!!! Congratulations Jorga! Cannot wait to red it.

  3. *Read* may be red faced after reading it as well.

  4. Congrats on the release, Jorja! And what a great excerpt ;)