Monday, 7 May 2012

My Avengers

Last week I went to see The Avengers. Now, I'm no comic book nerd and I wasn't strong-armed into going, I just couldn't resist all that male totty!

There's something for everyone isn't there - Iron Man, the billionaire playboy; Thor, the pumped hero; Captain America, the wholesome good guy and my personal favourite, the Hulk. Well, come on it's Mark Ruffalo and some of the best scenes in the movie!

It got me thinking about my own leading men and how they would form their very own superhero team - The Knee Tremblers.

Smith Masterson (Into the Wild) is definitely my All-American hero;

Edifu (Pyramid of Passion) has that perfect sculpted physique to make you tremble;

 and Zanaan (In her Element) has that cocky attitude and self-confidence to rival any hotshot,

but I don't have my Hulk :(

The closest I have is Daniel (Up all Night) who is a vampire in the upcoming Keyboards and Kink anthology. But he's more about the sex than the anger ;)

So I guess that's my next project - a hero with a dark side that even he's afraid of. Ooh, I like the sound of him already...and yeah, will probably involve more Joe Manganiello inspiration.


  1. Ooh sounds perfect!! I would totally read that.

    Haven't seen the Avengers yet but am counting the days because, yes, I am a superhero nerd, LOL.

    Get writing, Jorja x

  2. Fantastic film, especially with all those hotties in 3D :) You'll love it!

  3. Oh the Avengers is a fantabulous film, and yes the Hulk completely stole it!

    Loving your knee tremblers, Jorja!

  4. Love you inspirational pics Jorga!